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Oolite is a space sim game, inspired by Elite, powered by Objective-C and OpenGL, and designed as a small game that is easy for users to pick up, modify and expand upon. Almost every aspect of the game can be changed by using simple, free graphics packages and text editors.

Originally written for Mac OS X, Oolite is available for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher), Windows XP or later, and Linux. It requires at least a 1 GHz processor, 1 GiB of memory, and a graphics card capable of accelerating OpenGL graphics. The game and source code are offered for free under the GNU General Public License.

Oolite (Object Oriented Elite) is as addictive and compelling today as Elite was in 1984.
★★★★ (Editor’s Choice)
Macworld UK

They may seem archaic, but Elite and Oolite are hugely engrossing and enjoyable.
— Linux Format

Oolite takes the exact same, brilliantly compulsive gameplay [as Elite] and makes it slicker, faster and better looking - for free. If the core package isn't thrilling enough, there are expansion packs available, too.
TechRadar.com, The 10 best free PC games you should play today

A true classic reincarnated and reimagined; a must-play for space-sim fans.
(Rating: 85)
NAG Online